Are You A Slave Driver?

Fresh garbage bags, vacuumed floors, and squeaky clean surface space. 

In corporate life, we get so used to coming into clean office buildings in the morning that we almost never think twice about it. The night shift cleaning staff is a luxury we take for granted. 

Imagine having such service in your own home? Waking up every morning to a house that was cleaner than it was when you went to bed the night before. All your dirty work taken care of while you simply slept?  It sounds like something my lazy girl dreams are made of.

And then I realized... I DO have that... sort of!  And you sort of have that too!

"Wait a minute.. what? My dirty dishes are definitely still sitting in the sink from last night. What's this crazy chick talking about?..."

I'm talking about your other "home" getting cleaned out every night while you sleep. While we're resting our mind and our body, our organs work hard to repair all the things that need reparing: damage from stress, UV rays and other harmful environmental exposure.  

You can think of your detox organs as the janitors of your body, working through the night seeking out toxins and packaging them up so they can be excreted.  So even though you may still have some dishes sitting in your sink from the night before,  a few of your other "dirty dishes" were taken care of while you slept. 

You can think of yourself as the CEO of a VERY important operation!

You have been blessed with a beautiful factory (your body) filled with a dedicated team of employees (your organs, cells and friendly bacteria) that slave away for you 24/7, to keep YOU going. 

Are you a caring and considerate employer to work for or are you a slave driver?

 Are you proactive manager or are you reactive manager?  

Nobody enjoys a boss that lets their team work like dogs, while neglecting to ever reward them with the breaks or bonuses that they deserve. However, we often tend to treat our bodies with that same disrespect that we so very much hate receiving in the work place.

Give your "team" some love! Give them rest, give them water and give them food, REAL food. 

"I'm too busy"

"I don't have time"

"I don't want to"

These are excuses we throw around easily when it comes to making healthy choices, however these excuses aren't well tolerated in the work place and over time they won't be well tolerated by your precious team. 

"Where do I start?"

Start small! Over the next month I will introduce you to some ridiculously SIMPLE habits that will help you be a more attentive and supportive employer. Little habits that pack a big punch in reducing the stress load on your body over time.  The first habit will be released this week, so stay tuned! 

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