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Grind Less, Flow More: When Your Exercise Routine Stops Serving You

Revolution in my health began when I discovered that my workouts weren't serving me. The frequency, the high intensity, the time of day (evening), and the types of workouts in general, were further elevating stress hormones in my body. As much as I was enjoying the exercise I was doing, the consistent stress of the workoutsfatigued my adrenals and messed with my sex hormones. 

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Aloe + Matcha Facemask

I haven't bought a facemask in years, instead- using products I have around to whip up my own homemade face food masks with things from my fridge or cupboard.  Not only is this saving me money and space, but it's also ensuring that I'm feeding my skin something hella pure and hella fresh (which often means extra hella nutritious too).

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