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Fight Air Pollution with Nutrition

An adult at rest, takes about 30,000 breaths a day. That’s a lot of breathing.. and that’s not even counting if we get a bit of activity and breathe more rapidly! But what do we do if our air keeps getting dirtier and causing more and more health issues? In this blog, I discuss how to stay healthy and how to protect yourself!

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Candida: Signs You Have It + How To Get Rid of It

Candida is normal in small amounts but due to our diets and lifestyles, it is extremely common for this fungus to grow out of control within our bodies, this can lead to serious health issues and puts a great deal of stress on our bodies and our immune systems. This is a common root level health issue that must be addressed if you want break through barriers that are keeping you tired and holding you back from optimal health!

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Grind Less, Flow More: When Your Exercise Routine Stops Serving You

Revolution in my health began when I discovered that my workouts weren't serving me. The frequency, the high intensity, the time of day (evening), and the types of workouts in general, were further elevating stress hormones in my body. As much as I was enjoying the exercise I was doing, the consistent stress of the workoutsfatigued my adrenals and messed with my sex hormones. 

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