Stop Slave Driving: Stay Hydrated

I promised some simple tips for reducing the stress load we tend to put on our fabulous bodies!

The first tip, as basic and obvious as it may seem, isn't as mastered as it should be.

Today (and always) let's put some energy into staying well hydrated! 

EVERY component of our body needs water to function properly. So one of the most fundamental and simple things you can do to lessen the stress load on your body and keep your team of cells, organs and friendly flora happy is making sure you DRINK ENOUGH WATER. 

To make a long story short, when you are dehydrated your body is stressing and you are being a cellular slave driver

  • Our cells use water to help flush out toxins, which are later removed through our bodies natural detox processes like sweating and digestion. When we aren't well hydrated, this isn't done effectively and toxins are stored in our bodies, very uncool. Your immune system agrees! 
  • Did you know cellulite is caused by toxins that have built up in fat cells? Staying hydrated will help ensure toxins are flushed out instead of stored and is your first line of defence against those not so darling dimples! 
  • Being in a state of dehydration literally sucks the life out of your cells. When your cells are drained, you will likely feel similarly. Things will slow down- including your digestion and your metabolism. When your energy dips, it's easy to mistaken thirst for hunger and fall into habits of eating more.. eating more..while metabolizing slower. #notwinning
  • Your cells don't want to be drained in the first place! To prevent this, your body goes into protective mode and starts making more cholesterol. This cholesterol helps thicken the membrane around your cell to prevent water from escaping. Chronic dehydration is up on the list as a major contributing factor to high levels of blood cholesterol! 
  • What you look like on the outside reflects what's going on in the inside! One of your best measures for firm, plump, happy skin is to keep your cells firm, plump and happy as well by staying well hydrated!  Enough water a day keeps the wrinkles at bay! 

So how much do you need?

Everybody is different and some days you need more water than others, but generally you should aim for at least 2 litres of water everyday

For maximum water absorption:

  • Sip your water throughout the day, don't chug it.
  • Drink it at room temperature
  • Don't drink liquids while eating or directly after, it interferes with digestion
  • Drink fresh, filtered water

Make your water drinking experience more exciting by adding things like a few frozen berries, slices of fruit, cucumber slices, fresh herbs such as mint or basil, or even brew a nice herbal tea, because that counts too.  

Summer is here, stay juicy!

Do you have any cool tricks for making sure you drink enough water every day?

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