Raspberry Jam Smoothie

This smoothie tastes like summer dreams (it feels like that's all summer really is right now..).

raspberry Jam smoothie <3

I'd dip a piece of buttery toast in this smoothie without question. 

The smoothie goes something like this: 

Blend: 1 cup raspberries with a big scoop of aloe vera gel and some water (or a brewed tea- jasmine would be pretty lovely).
Add a touch of honey to taste, 1 tbsp of chia and a tbsp of coconut oil so your cells aren't overwhelmed with a sugary slap.
Healthy fats (like from the coconut and the chia) are awesome additions to treats that are a higher in carbohydrates like fruits and honey.
For an optional kick: sprinkle in a bit of cinnamon and ginger too!
Another option: blend in greens (it won't be as pretty, but it will be extra awesome for you) 

Raspberries are great sources of Vitamin C, the king of antioxidants and a large player in collagen building- aka skin health, aka healthy joints. They are also, the most adorable, most delicious berry. The aloe vera helps make this smoothie SUPER ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Aloe is like a cool hug for your hot, over worked, digestive organs. If you suffer from any sort of inflammatory bowel disease, aloe vera taken orally, will be your best friend. Just like in the summer, if you suffer from a sunburn, aloe vera applied topically, will also be your best friend.

Long story short, buy an aloe plant. 

also, enjoy this smoothie often and have a great day. xo



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