Motivation for Rocking Your Life

We all know what it's like to fall off the wagon- whether it's with your diet, your workout routine, your homework readings, your mindfulness or whatever it is your working on. As nice as it is for planning, life would be pretty boring if everything was predictable and the same all the time. 

Lately,  I feel like I've become a next level version of myself when it comes to setting goals and holding myself accountable to them and it feels amazing. 

When it comes to goal setting: 

  • I write them down
  • I think about them daily (this is key!)
  •  I visualize achieving them
  • I measure my progress
  • I learn from my setbacks
  • I celebrate success when it is warranted

But something else has changed..

There is something different about my goals now. The difference is where they come from. 

Whenever I think about the goals I have set for myself,  I always remind myself that these goals come from a place of love and respect for myself. My goals are not superficial. They're for me. They're personal, and they're something I'm doing in respect of my body, my health and my self growth. My goals are set based on real priorities... priorities I'm passionate about. 

Keeping my priorities and the intention of love and self respect at the forefront of my mind has also helped me become more forgiving of myself when things don't go exactly as hoped or planned. Shit happens. Life things gets in the way sometimes. All you can do is get back on the wagon and focus on the present. Forget the depreciating self-talk and feelings of guilt and just trust you're going with the flow and doing the best you can. Remember, this life is supposed to be fun,  so don't be too hard on yourself- just get up and rock the day the best you can!


But hold yourself accountable.
Evaluate where you are at regularly. Have honest conversations with yourself and fine tune your plan- what's working? What's not? How can you do the same thing again next week? OR How can you do even better next week? Take mental notes..or even better write them down. 

I have been making time in the morning to set myself up for an amazing day. It doesn't take long- just a few minutes to jot down a to-do list for day ahead and a quick list of the goals I want to accomplish. The next morning, before I start my new list- I reflect on how I measured up to what I had planned for the day before. 

Here are a couple things I tell myself when I need a bit of motivation:

  • Showing up is usually the hardest part.
  • 1 hour of exercise- whether it's yoga, a walk with the dog, a run, a boot camp session is only 4% of my day and half an hour is only 2%! 
  • The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do! 

A good mantra:

I am stronger than this challenge and this challenge is making me stronger


And last but not least, take this little guy's adorable advice: 

You've got this. 

Feel free to share your favourite motivational quote or video in the comments below! <3