Staying Healthy While On The Go or Traveling


Whether you're traveling to and from work, traveling FOR work, or traveling for fun... the circumstances of busy times and/or adjustment periods can lead to scenarios where you don't have the time or resources to cook and eat like your normally healthy self might prefer.

I've recently settled my roots down in Seoul, Korea for a year of adventure and am experiencing the whirlwind, awesomeness that is Asia for the first time. <3  As exciting and fun as it has been to be here, there are all the feelings that go along with leaving home for a long period of time, adjusting to a foreign language and alphabet, getting acquainted with a new (highly delicious) cuisine and stuff.  It's a lot to process-- throw in a massive time zone shift to the mix and you've got yourself a body (and immune system) that could use some sweet, sweet TLC. 

Before I left Toronto, I packed a few travel supplements (video on this to come soon). A few of my choices have ended up being total saviors through this adjustment period I've been going through. Below I have listed the 3 types of supplements that I now consider my travel essentials...  

3 Essential Supplement Ideas for Travel

Greens Powder Supplement

  • Waking up to a green drink has been a really nice addition to settling in to life in a new place. It's assurance that despite feeling jet-lagged or worn out, that you're getting those good antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll-rich goodness to love up your cells and your body with all the healthy stuff... especially if you feel your diet is lacking. It's a nice boost of energy too and a nice addition to any post hangover cocktail if needed ( know, if you happen to try something like soju for the first time).  Some greens powders can be equivalent to eating 4-7 servings of vegetables. Super handy! 

    In the past, I have brought greens powder supplements with me on long road trips and am always so glad that I did. They are perfect for a quick energy boost when driving long periods (perfect alternative to coffee) and again a nice addition to a less "gourmet" diet that may be adapted while you are on the go. 


  • Travel exposes us to all sorts of different microbes and different stressors (like airplane air/ new air quality, lack of sleep, time zone adjustments, eating out more often, drinking more often, etc). It can make us more susceptible to getting sick. It actually is the perfect recipe for getting sick.  Probiotics can be SUPER helpful for supporting your immune system and helping your body acclimatize to the new microflora.  If your prone to digestive irregularities while traveling (super common), then probiotics can help support that too. Luckily, Koreans eat fermented food with every meal so I'm getting an extra boost that way too. #godblesskimchi


  • Stress support couldn't hurt either. As mentioned above, traveling is a lot for a body to process. All the new things!

    Adaptogenic herbs help the support the body as they adapt to stressful sorts of situations. I brought along some Rhodiola. Rhodiola is a resilient little plant that grows in tough climates such as dry, sandy soil at extremely high altitudes-- in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia. It's a herb well known for balancing out stress hormones, fighting physical and mental fatigue, is an antioxidant,  helps support immunity and has shown in studies to help reduce feelings of depression (1).  I chose Rhodiola because I had some on hand, but there are many other types of stress combatting herbs or formulations you could try. 

These are the top 3 supplements I'm glad I brought with me from home. It was nice to have them from the get-go as I began to settle in rather than trying to find them locally once I got here-- (though I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard).  These are also handy things to have around at home for days or periods that you feel like your body could use a little extra stress support. 

Whether your traveling or just a busy on the go person, supplements can be a nice and supportive supplement to your lifestyle during these times-- but we can't neglect self-care in other areas!

 Here are some other things you can do to help support your immune system, body and mind through the busy and/or stressful times 

10 SIMPLE Self-Care Tips You Can Do Anywhere

1. Breathing exercises like Box Breathing

2. Guided meditations on Youtube


3. Make a cozy tea and do a facemask (Korean sheet masks have been my actual bae (especially since sleep hasn't lately))

4. Treat yourself to some sort of stress-relieving activity--get a massage, book a facial, hit the sauna at a local gym that has one (if you're in Korea try out one of the local jimjibangs (Korean bathhouse), take a bath or a nice hot shower at home. 

5. Listen to something chill or read a good book

6. Facetime or Skype someone awesome

7. Stretch or do some yoga (such a nice way to release built-up tension) 

8. Self-massage with a trigger point ball (a tennis ball will do) 

9. Organize your space (physical clutter leads to more mental clutter and more stress)

10. Journal or make a gratitude list (a good brain dump + mental shift exercise)

It's bound to happen! Things get busy sometimes, things get overwhelming.
Changes in circumstances and stress can affect us all differently and can wear and tear on our body in different ways. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, especially if we know healthy, simple ways we can support our body through stressful times. Thankfully, we always have the choice on how we choose to (or not to) manage the situation. 

For more stress hacks, grab the freebie below! 

Wishing you all the control and clarity when times get hectic and overwhelming.
You've always had this.