Hair Loss in Korea-- How I Stopped it Naturally in 3 Weeks Flat

When I first moved to Korea my hair started falling out in big scary chunks.
I quickly found out that many other expats have experienced the same thing.

The body goes through a lot when it's adjusting to a new country and new time zone, but anyone can benefit from these tips when it comes to hair health and hair loss..especially if the loss is related to stress!

It took me a few weeks to actually realize that my hair was falling out more than the usual seasonal shed. I spent a few weeks stressing about it but it only made things worse. Once I took a step back and reassessed what was going on, I took measures to support my lifestyle and my body with food and supplements and noticed results pretty quickly.

I break down all my tips in this video!

I did use a herbal formula along with the supplements mentioned in my video that I tailored to my own hormonal needs. When it comes to herbs, I'm a strong proponent of working with a professional to ensure you're addressing the right root cause and picking the right one for your body's needs.

The tips mentioned in this video are great for getting you started on the right track and should make a very notable difference. If you want to take things to the next level and need some help selecting a herbal formula, feel free to contact me here and be sure to grab my free 7-day meal plan to help support healthy hormones!

Remember, your body is always trying to balance itself back out, you just need to provide the right environment for it to do so.

Let me know where you are starting in the comments below!