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Hair Loss in Korea-- How I Stopped it Naturally in 3 Weeks Flat

When I first got to Korea I started losing my hair at a quick rate, it was scary!
I quickly discovered that this is something that many fellow expats have gone through or are still going through.
This post walks you through some of the key steps I took to stop this quickly before much damage was done.

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The Trouble with Androgens

Androgens are typically thought of as “male” hormones but ladies, you have them too— just in different amounts.
In this post, we explore how androgen imbalance is now seen as the most common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age. We will discuss the symptoms of too much and too little androgen, why imbalance happens and as always, how to support healthy levels naturally via food and lifestyle!

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Hormonal Acne: How to Eat + How to Deal

Let’s face it, acne sucks.
There is absolutely no doubt about it.

Acne is a sign from your body that something is off, that something needs some of your tender love and attention. When we stop looking at our skin with frustration and anger, we can start looking at it with patience, gratitude and love—which is probably what your body is really craving over the latter.

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Three Ways to Make Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a trendy name for a traditional Ayurvedic drink called “Haldi Wala Doodh” which translates to Turmeric Milk. The name Golden Milk is a Western play off the golden colour from the turmeric in it this creamy and warming tea.

Though newly popular in the West (and kind of a fad item right now), this drink has been used as an Ayurvedic therapeutic beverage for centuries and is popular for combatting inflammation, reducing pain and easing digestion, but also because it’s really yummy and nice to sip on.

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Estrogen Dominance: Signs you have it + How to lower it

For many, estrogen dominance is generally understood as simply having too much of the sex hormone estrogen. For men, it’s feared because estrogen is often thought of as a ‘female hormone” and too much can effect sexual function and stamina.

For women, we might start feeling concerned about our breast health, the stubborn weight gain and the uncomfortable monthly symptoms that can be brought about when we have too much (or too little) of this hormone. It has a bad rep! In this post we will go over what it looks like if you have too much of this hormone, why this is common and what to do about it if you do!

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4 Energizing Morning Recipes that AREN'T Coffee

Coffee can be a healthful food, but I don’t think it’s healthy for us to RELY on something to function properly and I think if we are addicted to the point where we are irritable and physically unwell without it, then we need to check ourselves and our relationship with caffeine.

If you are struggling with your hormones or ongoing energy issues, I recommend taking a coffee break . A 30-day break from coffee can not only teach you something about yourself and break the addictive habit, but it will give your hormones a nice break and chance to balance out. The question is what can you have in its place to help fill the void? Below, I am sharing 4 ways to energize without coffee.

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