Why it's OKAY that "adrenal fatigue" isn't REAL

Despite the obvious fact that millions of people are suffering from the built-up toll that stress can put on the body with clear signs of hormonal issues and fatigue that just won't quit, the term "adrenal fatigue" is still considered with scrutiny by many… here’s why I don’t care and what I mean when I say “adrenal fatigue”!

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The Link Between Your Thyroid and Your Stress

The thyroid gland, it’s often misunderstood and at the same time, it gets quite a bit of flack from us.

We often call it out as the blunt of blames and frustrations when it comes to different health struggles...especially weight related, but also hormonal. 

The thyroid may not necessarily be the root cause of your weight or hormonal issues,  of course it could be contributing to them, but people are quick to blame the complex thyroid for their difficulties.. but most of the time, there is more to the story.  

In this post, I hope to offer some understanding around this often misunderstood gland so we can cut it a bit of slack and gain a better grasp on how best to support healthy thyroid function on a daily basis.

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The Different Stages of Adrenal Burn-out

You can call it “adrenal fatigue”, call it “adrenal dysfunction” call it “chronic fatigue” or you can call it straight up “burn-out”. We all can relate to the effects of stress on our bodies and how it feels in some shape or form. This post outlines the clinical progression of burn-out based on symptoms and the hormonal patterns that appear in lab tests.

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