Three Ways to Make Golden Milk

Golden Milk has been used in Ancient Eastern medicine for centuries, specifically in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its name comes from the golden colour of the drink from the bright yellow turmeric.

The combination of the ingredients provide a rich source of antioxidants that scavenge the body looking for free-radicals to quench. This makes it a wonderful tea to sip on to help reduce inflammation, combat joint pain, calm the nerves, boost the immune system and love up your brain health… but that’s just a few of the perks!

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Estrogen Dominance: Signs you have it + How to lower it

For many, estrogen dominance is generally understood as simply having too much of the sex hormone estrogen. For men, it’s feared because estrogen is often thought of as a ‘female hormone” and too much can effect sexual function and stamina.

For women, we might start feeling concerned about our breast health, the stubborn weight gain and the uncomfortable monthly symptoms that can be brought about when we have too much (or too little) of this hormone. It has a bad rep! In this post we will go over what it looks like if you have too much of this hormone, why this is common and what to do about it if you do!

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4 Energizing Morning Recipes that AREN'T Coffee

Coffee can be a healthful food, but I don’t think it’s healthy for us to RELY on something to function properly and I think if we are addicted to the point where we are irritable and physically unwell without it, then we need to check ourselves and our relationship with caffeine.

If you are struggling with your hormones or ongoing energy issues, I recommend taking a coffee break . A 30-day break from coffee can not only teach you something about yourself and break the addictive habit, but it will give your hormones a nice break and chance to balance out. The question is what can you have in its place to help fill the void? Below, I am sharing 4 ways to energize without coffee.

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Hangover Hacks From a Nutritionist

Many people ask me what to do when they feel hungover or need some extra support bouncing back from a night “that escalated”. In this post, I am sharing some tried, tested and true hacks you can do before, during and after to help you recover—from drinking but also stress in general! It’s my pleasure to help nourish you up on those days, where getting into a healthy groove seems extra challenging!

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Fight Air Pollution with Nutrition

An adult at rest, takes about 30,000 breaths a day. That’s a lot of breathing.. and that’s not even counting if we get a bit of activity and breathe more rapidly! But what do we do if our air keeps getting dirtier and causing more and more health issues? In this blog, I discuss how to stay healthy and how to protect yourself!

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Candida: Signs You Have It + How To Get Rid of It

Candida is normal in small amounts but due to our diets and lifestyles, it is extremely common for this fungus to grow out of control within our bodies, this can lead to serious health issues and puts a great deal of stress on our bodies and our immune systems. This is a common root level health issue that must be addressed if you want break through barriers that are keeping you tired and holding you back from optimal health!

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