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Basic Vanilla Chia Pudding

If you give chia seeds the chance, they'll absorb 10x their weight in water, but I kind of prefer to let them absorb 10x their weight in delicious maple cashew milk and eat them as a light and creamy pudding.  These little seeds are chalked full of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats, a great source of plant based protein and loaded with all sorts of juicy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

This recipe couldn't be easier to make and is a staple item in the Simply Nourished Kitchen. 

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza- The Pizza That Loves You Back

This is comfort food that won't leave you uncomfortable after eating!
It's hard to believe this vegetable based pizza crust is made from healthy things, it tastes so good! 
It's crispy, versatile, gluten-free, low carb and really delicious. 

Perfect for those week night pizza cravings! 

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